Putin officially recognizes East-Ukraine and by doing so is changing a another nation’s boarders

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now officially recognized two regions known as Donetsk and Lahansk as independant states, and by doing so the President i changing the borders of another country. Experts say this might further escalate a conflict, sowing war i Ukraine.

In Putin’s speech it was said that “Ukraine is a integral part of Russia’s history” and that East-Ukraine of old always has been seen as Russian territory and that modern Ukraine was built by old communist Russia.

Map showing the region of Ukraine using green in Europe with Russia and Belarus abowe it. The dark green displaying the part that Russia already took over in 2014.(CC BY-SA 3.0 – CoArms)

Joseph Borrell, who is the representive of the international security for the EU said in preparations to the Russian announcement that ‘Ukraines safety is EUs security’, Reuters reported this Monday.

– The EU is ready to act powerfully if Putin recognizes the regions as independant, Borrell warned.


  • Ukraine is calling in a crisis meeting. And it is reported this is a decition that Ukraine will not be able to accept.
  • Russia has sent in “peacesecuring” forces into Donetsk and Lahansk.
  • Several countries are denoucning Russia and are preparing larger sanctions than in 2014.
  • Putin has gotten confirmation allowing them to use Military forces outside boarders.

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Header image by ‘Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation’ under a CC-BY 4.0 license.