The Trump-app is to be released tomorrow

Former president Donalt Trump's controversial social media endevour is being released on Monday according to Reuters.

By Christoffer Tallerås

According to Reuters the App Store says the app “Truth Social” will be ready on Monday, on the presidential day in USA (George Washington’s birthday).

Trump has been blocked from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for over a year after the storming of the American congressbuilding in Washington 6th of January last year, after losing the election. The former president has been accused of inciting violence, but was not charged in court for this.

Sneak peek on the platform

A few days ago the eldest son of Trump, Donald Trump Jr. did a screendump on Twitter of what looks to be his father’s verified @realDonaldTrump Truth social-account with a message from the former President that says “Get ready! Your favorite president will see you soon!”

We have already shown a sneak peek of Truth social in our earlier coverage when allegedly people managed to sneak into the app.

A supposed screenshot of the article.

It is the former Republican Devin Nunes that is leading the company “Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) who is behind the app.

Several companies have lately tried to create alternative platforms to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. So far none has had luck at the same level as the established competitors.

Looks like Twitter

According to interviews of the people behind the app it will look at lot like Twitter. You will be able to post “truths” and send personal messages. The company is looking towards maybe letting users register to get notifications when others post content.

Reuters who did the interview, writes that it isn’t yet possible to edit posts, something Twitter-users has asked for.

This is most likely because it is a fork of Mastodon which doesn’t let you edit posts and means they will have to develop it themselves.

Nunes has previously said the app will be released in March, but now there are several signs that the app will be ready in short time. The CEO of TMTG has also been active on the app lately and encouraged test-users to increase their activity, said Reuters.

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