will not federate, the creator of Mastodon says

The creator of Mastodon, Eugen Rochko just posted that he has gotten to look at the sourcecode of Trump’s new social media platform.

You can find the post here.

Eugen states that

“I’ve been able to get my hands on the #TruthSocial source code (they do have a link to it on their website, although their website is not accessible to me).

They have disabled federation features. I absolutely expected that, just confirming it for others. It is just another walled garden.”

Eugen Rochko

Trump’s rebuke to getting blocked on the major platforms after the attack on US congress has been claimed by Trump to be his answer to Twitter after getting blocked from all major platforms after a mob of Trump supporters stormed the American congress-building following his speech after losing the election to President Joe Biden 6th of January last year.

Many have accused Trump of inciting the attack but he has not faced any charges for this yet.

A blessing?

Many in the fediverse might consider this a blessing not having to deal with the noise and far-right talking heads entering. On the other side many might feel it is uncomfortable that the sourcecode of mastodon can be used so easily to create online echo chamber like Gab has been considered after federation stopped working for them, and now with ‘’.

A walled garden

This walled garden will be a haven for Trump and his associates and will be a great way to reach supporters. But for how long will the platform hold steam until people loose interest. You will only be able to access people from within ‘’ and most will probably stay respectively on Twitter, Facebook on Youtube to participate in the general discussion.

But things can change really fast in a new election and these types of platforms can be for many a scary new recruitment and engagement factor for politicians.

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