Shuts Down, Offers Data Export to Users

The oldest and largest pod in the Diaspora social network is shutting down; here's some info on why, and what you can do to get your data out.

JoinDiaspora is the oldest and largest Diaspora pod around, boasting over 316,611 registered users. Originally, it was used as a flagship for the project when Diaspora operated as a startup for an open source, decentralized social network.

As of late 2012, the Diaspora project migrated to a community-led organization model, where volunteers oversaw the development of the platform. The JoinDiaspora pod moved to donations, and eventually operated under the umbrella of a non-profit known as FENEAS (Federated Network Association Ry) in November 2019.

On February 22nd, 2022, the Diaspora project officially announced the closing of, as FENEAS itself is set to dissolve as an organization.

JoinDiaspora’s landing page

For now, JoinDiaspora is operating in a “read-only” mode, where users can request their photos and account data from the platform.

Some of you are currently unable to export your profile data. You might either see an error message, or it might look like nothing is happening at all. We are aware of this. After the infrastructure migration is completed, we will start investigating the issues with account exports. Everyone who wants a data export will get one.

If you’re currently facing issues, please do not keep retrying the export over and over again. Please don’t use automated tools like scrapers to manually acquire a copy of your data. Doing so will only cause exessive server load, which only makes our work even harder.

Diaspora Project Team

The Diaspora Project team handling the pod’s operation have stated that they intend to keep JoinDiaspora running until shortly after the new stable release is deployed containing a feature for migrating user data directly into another Diaspora pod. The team declined to offer a specific timeline, but has promised to keep the pod operating for the short term.

For all updates related to JoinDiaspora, feel free to check out the JoinDiaspora Sunset Team account.