LibreArts loses all funding because of sanctions against Russia

5. Mars 2022, Alexandre Prokoudine who’s the founder of LibreArts – earlier called LibreGraphics – published a post about the state of the project on Mastodon today. LibreArts is a project about weekly technological news regarding creative software and is the only of it’s kind. The post ending with:

TL;DR: It’s over for now

Alexandre Prokoudine, Mastodon post

Since the Russian invation of Ukraine, the EU, US and other countries have put historically hard sanctions against Russia specifically directed towards Oligarchs, although many have wide ramifications for the Russian public as well. Now with locking out Russia from SWIFT it means that the whole of Russia is locked out from transfering money through Paypal and any other such service.

What is SWIFT?
“Society of WorldWide Interbank Financial Telecommunication” shortened to SWIFT is a technology that is used to transfer money between banks internationally and is the system behind of most moneytransfers in the world. There are other networks of the same kind, but SWIFT is the most essential in most of the world right now.

This has led to Alexandre Prokoudine, a contributor of GIMP and the founder of LibreArts losing all ways to get support for the work he does.

Media has talked a lot about distinguishing between the beliefs of Putin and average Russians. It is widely believed that Russia is not a fully democratic country and that it has been ruled by former KGB agent Vladimir Putin for nearly 20 years. But at the same time there is seen more volitile behaviour against Russians living or residing in other countries during the invation of Russia.

Experts are also concerned about how much the sanctions will deter lives lost in Ukraine or if Russians will grow closer or more apart from it’s authocratic regime, but it also doesn’t seem like the West want Putin to get away with invading a European country easy.

– Prokoudine, explains his situation on Patreon

In a Patreon-post Alexandre explains briefly his situation and how he is still committed to LibreArts as long as he has the possibility to access the ‘outside world’ on the internett, likely referencing how Russia has blocked it’s people from accessing Twitter and Facebook.

I’m still committed to the work I’ve been doing and I expect to continue writing for Libre Arts as long as I have any access to the world outside, even by means of VPN (already the case for Facebook, Twitter, and some other platforms).

Alexandre Prokoudine, Patreon post

But now it seems like there is no way for him to gain compensation for all the hours he puts into the articles. He end the post in solidaric fashion:

However, there is now zero financial gain for me to do so, and since your support was about just that, I believe your money would be better spent elsewhere. Any trustworthy fund that helps refugees from Ukraine sounds like a great choice to me.

Seriously, choosing between someone who will probably find himself in a dire financial situation and people who had to flee for their lives losing their loved ones should be a no-brainer.

Peace and love,

Alexandre Prokoudine, Patreon post

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