Mastodon 3.5 will be letting you edit posts!

In a new blogpost from the mastodon project “mastodon 3.5 – what’s new” it is declared that in this new version of Mastodon people will be able to get to edit their posts – now implementing the most requested feature ever.


Earlier users of mastodon have been restricted to having to delete and write a new post or using “Delete & redraft” which does essentially the same thing but keeps the original post so you can change it. This lead to a lot of replies to posts and messages redrafted, and a lot of posts getting posted, then deleted, then posted and then deleted again.

Other than letting you edit posts Mastodon also is sharing the new DISCOVER feature that has been accessible for a while now and is probably a bigger gamechanger than editing posts are. Although Mastodon has talked against algorithms and such that are used by the traditional social media platforms like Twitter and facebook, the Mastodon project seems to now think that while Mastodon should be ethical there is a need for it to help people discovering content.

While we don’t see it yet it will be huge gamechanger to content and how people will conduct themselves on the fediverse. Previously we have seen that small communities or with a very organized community has been the best way for early growth, and that getting boosted by larger users has been key for growth on the fediverse. This is with the added note that the rate of followers dying off by leaving the platform or instances going down is larger than will be larger over time than most growth people can make. And the fediverse having a fairly low follower roof of active followers.

This discover feature and the improved tag system might help keep people engaged for longer, but it will also mean that boosts from the right people is no longer the key way to grow an audience on the fediverse, but it will be hard predicting how it will play out – paticurarly when it is very likely the discovery feature will be tweaked in the later versions.

We are also seeing huge development on official apps which is a big change from earlier and it will be exciting to see the future of Mastodon.

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