About us

FediNews is a independant global news organization founded in 2021 fully dedicated towards bringing factual and engaging news about world news, technology and creators to the ‘fediverse’, a social media network compromised of many user networks that collaborate to create a grander social media- landscape where you are not beholden to only the users and content of your own network but also the network of other websites.

If you are not familiar with the fediverse-term we recommend reading our page ‘What is the fediverse?’.

We are the first of our kind, and we hope to be a part of developing the fediverse into the next step where it can be more sustainable and competative than the more traditional social media networks.

Our goals

  • Building a more selfsustaining and competative fediverse ecosystem
  • Make it easy to discover what is happening in the fediverse
  • The most factual and engaging mediacontent
  • Improve fediverse discourse and give common people a voice

The team

  • Christoffer TallerĂ¥s, Founder
Freelance journalists