What is the fediverse?

The fediverse is trendy term combining the word “federation” and “universe”, this is to describe the socialmedia universe that is created with the technology called activetypub which makes it so indepentant socialmedia platforms collaborate to create a grander socialmedia network.

There are some benefits of this:

  • You can choose and pick a socialmedia provider without having to lose or gain access to content and people within the fediverse.
  • Makes a more equal playingfield for socialmedia platforms where you can’t monopolize content or people.
  • It is harder for authoritarian states to sensor or control information.

Question: But is the fediverse a unreglated free speech platform?

Yes and no. The word federated implies the type of collaboration the different social media providers do. While the total content of the fediverse is freely accessible, the providers themselves chooses what providers they want to platform on on their own network usually in accordance with the terms of service that they have chosen. This also means that there exists illigal content on the fediverse. This is not an issue for the established providers as they won’t platform the content.

The fediverse is built up by several platforms

The biggest being Mastodon, a microblogging platform that is the most similar to Twitter of the major platforms most people are familiar with.

They have a promotional video that gives a good idea of the tone and community of the fediverse.

The most popular fediverse platforms are

For more a more comprehensive overview of fediverse platforms visit https://fediverse.party/